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Specialisterne Foundation is a non-for-profit organization that works to enable one million jobs for people with autism and similar challenges. The foundation owns Specialisterne Denmark and the Specialisterne concept and trademark.


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Why Your Autistic Employees May Turn Down Food at Company Events

Trigger warning: Food, eating, and eating disorders. For many people, regardless of neurotype, food is a sensitive issue. That’s why I’d like to start this article by saying I’ll be mentioning food, social eating, and eating disorders for those who would rather skip...

5 Steps to Take Before You Fire Your Autistic Employee

As you know, when an autistic person gets on a subject, we get on a subject! When I wrote my first article for Specialisterne on the trauma of suddenly being fired, I wasn’t planning on turning this topic into a series of sorts, but here we are. The good news is, this...