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Specialisterne USA

Specialisterne USA Inc., a charitable not-for-profit 503(c) American organization, focused on building a bridge between neurodivergent job seekers and employers. We support employers to tap into the talents of a neurodiverse workforce and build inclusive organizations through education, training, and advisory.

Specialisterne Foundation

Specialisterne Foundation is a nonprofit organization that works to enable one million jobs for people with autism and similar challenges.

Maturity Model

An employer's perspective on AI

The Inclusive Talent Management Maturity model is a framework for evaluating an organization’s current state, future diversity goals, as well as establishing a path to achieving them. Specialisterne developed this model in partnership with Dr. Rob Austin of the Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario in Canada.

Most employers are already on a path toward increasing the diversity of their workforce. But it is hard for any organization to know how well it is doing, and to establish where they currently sit in relation to medium or long term goals, or to the ultimate goal of fully inclusive policies, processes and practices.

This model clearly defines a series of carefully considered qualities and criteria for each phase of maturity. An assessment of maturity can be defined for an organization, a division, a department or even a particular process. For example, an organization may have an employee onboarding process that all employees participate in when they first start their job. But that same organization may have few if any recruitment programs targeting candidates from marginalized populations. Such and organization would have achieved stage two maturity in recruitment but stage four in onboarding.

An organization that has well established programs for recruiting marginalized populations, for example a neurodiversity at work program, would have achieve stage three maturity in that area of recruitment, and may be well positioned to begin enhance its mainstream recruitment program, eliminating the side door in favour of making the front door more inclusive.

For more information on the Inclusive Talent Management Maturity Model, and how it can help your organization benchmark and plan for the future, contact Specialisterne in your region.