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Specialisterne USA

Specialisterne USA Inc., a charitable not-for-profit 503(c) American organization, focused on building a bridge between neurodivergent job seekers and employers. We support employers to tap into the talents of a neurodiverse workforce and build inclusive organizations through education, training, and advisory.

Specialisterne Foundation

Specialisterne Foundation is a nonprofit organization that works to enable one million jobs for people with autism and similar challenges.


How It Works

  • Are you neurodivergent?

  • Are you looking for a job?

  • Have you experienced barriers in finding work?

Join Specialisterne’s Talent Pool

Step 1: Join Our Talent Pool

  • After completing the online application form, our team will confirm your eligibility. Next, you will be invited to participate in Specialisterne’s Discovery Process. With the Specialisterne team, you will have the opportunity to learn about our approach to hiring, and for us to get to know you – what motivates you, your interests and your skills.
  • After completing Discovery, you will be added to our email listserv to receive job opportunities exclusively available to our talent pool
  • You will have access to learning opportunities on IBM Skills Build 
  • You will be invited to take part in our virtual social events with other neurodivergent job seekers

Step 2: Apply for a job through Specialisterne’s Neurodiversity Hiring Initiatives

  • Specialisterne works with employers committed to diversifying their workforce and expanding their talent pool to include those who may think and problem-solve differently. Our unique hiring model is designed to remove the barriers often embedded in the traditional hiring process and provide an environment where everyone can be at their best and most productive.
  • You will have the opportunity to apply directly for jobs through our Neurodiversity Hiring Initiatives
  • When you receive a job opportunity from Specialisterne that you are interested in applying for, you will be invited to complete an online questionnaire to Specialisterne. This questionnaire asks basic questions about your skills, knowledge and experience. Applicants are shortlisted based on their fit for the roles that we are recruiting.
  • Shortlisted applicants will be invited to participate in Specialisterne’s Assessment Process. We know (and research confirms) that traditional ways of recruiting and assessing candidates such as resumes and interviews are not the best tools for finding great candidates. Resumes and interviews can actually get in the way of allowing a candidate to showcase their potential fit for the job. Specialisterne’s Assessment Process is designed to remove those barriers often embedded in the traditional hiring process and provide a hiring experience where job seekers can be at their best.
  • Specialisterne’s Assessment Process is:
    • Inclusive and comfortable – Designed to reduce the stress and anxiety of traditional assessment approaches such as interviews
    • Collaborative – Specialisterne works with the hiring business to take a more inclusive approach to candidate assessment and selection
    • Hands-on and task-based – Specialisterne works with our employer partners to develop hands-on, task-based opportunities for you to showcase your knowledge, skills and abilities in a relaxed setting.

Step 3: Starting Your Job

  • After completing the Assessment Process, shortlisted candidates will be put forward for consideration to the hiring manager for the position
  • If you are selected for the position, Specialisterne will:
    • Enroll you in Specialisterne’s eLearning Series for New Employees: Getting Started in your New Role to support you in preparing to start a new job
    • Work with you and your new employer to provide a well-planned and structured onboarding experience for your first day and first few weeks on the job
    • Connect you and your hiring manager with a Specialisterne Workplace Support Specialist who provides regular support during your first three months on the job

If you are not selected for the role, you remain a part of Specialisterne’s Talent Pool and will continue to receive future job opportunities.

Ready to apply to join our Talent Pool?

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