International Specialisterne Community

Specialisterne USA

Specialisterne USA Inc., a charitable not-for-profit 503(c) American organization, focused on building a bridge between neurodivergent job seekers and employers. We support employers to tap into the talents of a neurodiverse workforce and build inclusive organizations through education, training, and advisory.

Specialisterne Foundation

Specialisterne Foundation is a non-for-profit organization that works to enable one million jobs for people with autism and similar challenges.



Dyslexia is often referenced as the “hidden disability.” There are multiple variations of dyslexia. In fact, there are many subtypes of dyslexia. Many experts have claimed that most people with dyslexia may also have other conditions as well.    According to the...

Supporting an Employee That Has Dyslexia

Ever have an employee that has dyslexia or who you suspect may have dyslexia? Do you wonder what is the best way to support your employee, and help them achieve success? First, you should remember that dyslexia is not a one-size fits all disorder, or as I like to...


As a professional with dyslexia, I want to make sure I stay as organized as possible. I enjoy making new connections and building great friendships inside my network. Building a network is important, especially when you need to advocate for yourself at times. There...